C ounty Stevenson Cup presented to the Club- 10th May 2015

Tayfun, Leon, Jim, John, Rob, David  and the Cup

Cup presented to the Club by Mike Wiltshire,

President of the Kent Chess Association

John with the Cup and Folkestone Club Members

Sometimes a chess game pits old against young - here a five year old is playing a ninety year old. The 90 year old is the late Mr Alec Perry. Alec played a significant part in the running and survival of the club for many years.

Chess on The Leas - 2nd August 2015

John playing David

Chess stops for a parade on the Leas, Folkestone

In 1933 the World Chess Olympiad was held at the Leas Cliff Hall. The world champion then was Alexander Alekhine, the Russian emigre who played for France. The tournament was won by the United States and included the great player F Marshall. The British Empire entered a team - as did Scotland - portends of independence! The Czech Republic came second and blamed the sea air - something they were not used to. The innovation in technology was the use of the telephone no less when moves were relayed from the town hall to Leas Cliff Hall - oh if they could see us now. On the board there was an innovation now known as the Folkestone move!

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